Classic Wonderlash Magnetude Bundle

Color: Classic Black
*Classic Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner & Magnetude Magnetic Mascara are not intended for resale.
Classic Wonderlash Lashes in open box

Medium volume and naturally curved, this cat-eyed styled lash is ultra-realistic and feathery light. It's made with soft synthetic mink tips, making this lash feel super soft! Pair it with your choice of Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner or Mascara and you're set!

What you get...

  • Your choice of Magnetude Magnetic Mascara or Magnetude Magnetic Eyeliner in classic black, Magnetude Gold, brown, or gray.
  • Classic Wonderlash Magnetude Magnetic Eyelashes
  • 8 bonus Anchor Magnets

How it works...

  1. Apply one coat of magnetic eyeliner.
  2. Allow to dry for two minutes.
  3. Apply a second coat.
  4. Allow eyeliner to dry completely.
  5. Starting from the inner corner of the eyelid, apply magnetic eyelashes.
  6. When happy with placement, lightly press lashes to set.
Classic Wonderlash Lashes in box

Why we love this!

  • Gluten Free
  • Cruelty Free
  • Vegan
  • Nickel Free

How to apply

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